Assembly Grade 7 on Teamwork and Cooperation

The assembly started with the morning prayers and Quran recitation.

The thought for the day was delivered by Mr. Sarveshvaran Jagadishvaran who marked that “A successful team is a group of many hands but one mind”.

The International, National and School news was presented by Ms. Siri and the Sports and Covid news by Mr. Rushaid.

The group performed a short skit to prove the quote of the day.

The Skit was followed by a song of togetherness.

The valuable words of the English Teacher, Ms. Lila George on ’ Serendipity’ ran a strong bell of invention capabilities of the students.

The winners of the Quiz conducted during the Maths Week held from 3rd October to 6th October were felicitated by the Principal in the Assembly.

The first prize was bagged by team D (Ms. Siri, Mr. Pranav and Mr. Mohit) and the second prize by Group A (Mr. Rushaid, Mr Ehan and Mr. Mokshit).

The Assembly was concluded by the valuable words of the Principal Mrs. Geeta Karanakaran.

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