Assembly Grade III and IV on Equality

Students of grades III and IV came together today to present their understanding on the theme of ‘Equality’. The students have been exploring the value of the month, ‘Equality’ in their respective classes and were glad to share their learnings with their peers.

The thought of the day sent out a significant message to everyone. It explained how true civilization can only exist if we acknowledge each other’s rights and treat everyone as our equals. This message was cemented by the poem titled, ‘The Human Family’ by Maya Angelou. Read out a student of grade IV, the poem heighted the need for equality while celebrating diversity and uniqueness existing around the world.

The teacher talk led by Ms. Mansi, the Art teacher at the school introduced the students to artists like Van Gogh and Michelanangelo. She revealed interesting facts about the reverend artist thereby piquing the interest of our students.

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For Direct Registration. Click Here.