Assembly Grade KG1 B Lily On Equality

The students of KG1B Lily conducted a morning assembly on the topic “ Equality”  on 16th September,2021 assembly began with the morning prayer, UAE National Anthem and Indian National Anthem. It was followed by an introduction of the class and the topic by Ms. Rayna Nath. The thought of the day was said by Mohammed Talha ,” Earth is mother to all people and all shakily have equal right upon it”

The International, National, Sports, Weather and School news was presented by Mast. Nivan Aneesh

The entire class including the remote learner showcased a small dance on Equality – ‘ We all are amazing’ in which they communicated a strong message that though we look different our eyes colour is different ,our hair is different our language is different , we all are amazing.

Ms. Rayna Nath hosted the Assembly remarkably.

The Assembly was concluded by the valuable words of our KG2 Teacher Ms. Rekha Athwani on Equality that we should treat everyone equally no matter how they look, how they speak.

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