By Ms. Laura Puyol (School Counsellor)

A workshop on Bullying awareness was conducted for grade 1 students on Monday 8th  November 2021 at the school premises. This is part of a series of workshops we will be conducting in the school regarding this matter and that will take place during the month of November.

The workshop has been designed with a clear objective; empower students in taking an active role against bullying. The students participated in different activities that empathized the idea of collective responsibility against bullying. These activities helped them understand we can all take part preventing bullying in the school.

We started by stating a definition of bullying and its types, the children gave some great ideas in the class. We stated the importance of two key words: repetition and intention and we worked together finding its meaning.

We worked in groups creating a possible bullying situation and analyzing it. We discovered that not only the person that is being bullied can do something to stop it from happening.  We all can do something about it. Together, we came up with a lot of ideas of what to do if we witness someone being bullied.

The students worked at the end of the session making a poster of everything they have learned during the workshop and then shared their ideas and thoughts with the rest of the class.

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For Direct Registration. Click Here.