Calligraphy Competition

From the Greek words that mean “beauty” and “writing” comes the good word “Calligraphy”.

With the motive to develop creative expression and improve writing skills of the students, a Calligraphy competition was organized at Delhi Private School, RAK for the students of grades VI and VII.

This competition was held with a view of the changing ways of communication due to the growing interest in computers. In the era of technology, handwriting skills seem to gather little attention. The intent of the competition was to inculcate the habit of good handwriting among students. It was also conducted to encourage them to write neatly and present content in a proper manner.

The students reproduced the text about the renowned playwright and bard, William Shakespeare. Besides imitating the text in their best handwriting, the students got an opportunity to gather a few facts about Shakespeare.

The serene silence surrounding the students as they paid attention to each letter and every word was certainly a delight!