Change is the only constant, …concluded

I would like to finally conclude my thoughts on “Change is the only constant” with this final piece of writing.

I would advise teenagers not to rely on what adults say too much. Most of them mean well, but they don’t understand the world. In the past, it was not the same because the world changed slowly. But , 21st century is certainly going to be different. With the growing pace of change, one can never be sure what adults are saying is timeless wisdom or outdated bias. So then, what can one rely on – Perhaps technology? That’s even a riskier gamble. Technology can help a lot but if we rely too much on it, we might become a hostage to its agenda. That does not go to say that Technology is bad. It can help us get to what we want in life. But if the goal is unclear, it might just about take control of our lives. These days we see a lot of people glued to their smartphones…. Now the question is do they control technology or vice versa?

We are deeply influenced in our lives by external manipulations be it Government propaganda, ideological brainwashing, or Commercial advertisement. As biotechnology and machine learning improve, it will only become easier to manipulate people’s deepest emotions and desires and it will become more dangerous than ever to just follow your heart. It is difficult to identify oneself in the middle of the marketing campaigns run by Amazon, Flip cart or for that matter any of the big advertising Companies.  In a way, they are all out to hack us as humans and not only our smartphones, computer or bank accounts.

These companies and the government are already in the process of hacking the human brain. We are actually being watched by algorithms- who keep a track on where we go, what we buy, and whom we meet. They monitor our steps, our breaths, and our heartbeats. They rely on Big Data and machine learning to know us better and better. It is indeed an unsafe phase of our lives. The only way to deal with this is to remain calm, confident and focussed about oneself and our expectations from life on the whole. Therefore, there are two ways to look at this. One- rely on Algorithms and it will take care of everything. And second- if one needs to have control of the future then the way forward is to run faster than algorithms and the government and know yourself before they do.

This is how the World will soon be and as schools we have the responsibility to make students think and be prepared for the future.

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