Child Protection – A Session for Parents By Ms.Laura(School Counsellor)

An on -line session on Child Protection was conducted for parents, on 2 November 2021.

During the session Ms. Laura talked about the child protection system in the UAE and the reporting procedures inside and outside the school. The educational rights of a child were also discussed.

The Child protection Unit has a very important role to play. She informed the Parents what the school is doing to prevent Child abuse and explained the child protection policy that Delhi Private School Ras al Khaimah is implementing.

Great emphasis was laid on the fact that anything that threatens the child’s physical, psychological moral or mental health should be reported to the authorities concerned. At the end of the session, the parents were assured that there will be a series of workshops regarding ‘Child Protection’ to raise the awareness of the rights of a child. Sessions would therefore be conducted for students, teachers and other staff of the school on a regular basis.

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