Essence of a Great Class-Session by Col. Karunakaran

We at Delhi Private School, RAK believe in perennial professional development for empowering educators to be an active participant in their teaching and learning journey.

The school welcomed Col. Gopal Karunakaran, the CEO of Shiv Nadar Schools & Executive Director at Shiv Nadar University, India as a keynote speaker to address the teaching staff on October 18, 2021. The session titled, ‘Essence of a Great Class’ only highlighted the pressing need and significance of creating a trusting classroom atmosphere to enable deep and democratic learning.

The session started by establishing common connect of ‘purpose’ in the lives of a soldier and an educator. Col. Gopal took the teachers through his journey of serving in the Indian Army for 30 years and later his journey of assuming the leadership position in the education sector.

While knowledge of the subject and content is a pre-requisite for a teacher, the session emphasized largely on building and cementing a connect with the students. The session also gave opportunities for teachers to collaborate and replicate activities that could be done in classrooms to maximize student engagement and output.

The most essential part of the session was laying grounds for an effective class by establishing a clear ‘Beginning, Middle and End’.

Headmistress, Ms. Lakshmi Pramanik, expressed gratitude on behalf of the teaching staff for Col. Gopal for his valuable insight on education.

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