To share is to communicate that you care!

The morning assemblies serve as a great opportunity for highlighting and instilling moral values in our students. It is a platform for the students at school to showcase their unique abilities, besides them coming together as a unit to present their learnings.

This week, students of Grade 1 and KG-II put forth their understanding and learnings on the value of ‘Sharing and Caring’.

While the students of Grade 1 communicated the significance of ‘Sharing and Caring’ through a short skit, the tiny tots of KG-II performed an action song highlighting the value, especially during Covid Times.

The morning assemblies are an example of students owning their learning and showcasing student leadership. The talk on ‘Gratitude’ by Ms. Deepika and on ‘Respect’ by Ms. Bindu only helped in spreading the message of how one should practice kindness in whatever way one can.

It also brought upon cheer amidst the students when the results of the ‘Poster making’ and the ‘Show and Tell’ competitions were announced in the assembly.