Learn while you Walk!

Learning that piques student’s curiosity is difficult to realize in desks and rows. 21st century skills like critical thinking and effective collaboration struggles in spaces that are not filled with questions and places to explore.

Interaction between classes, grade levels, and students can be maximized when there are common spaces, hallways that enable students to raise inquiry and ignite research and discussions.

The walls of DPS, RAK talk! The bulletin boards of the school corridors are a vehicle for elevating student voices into learning spaces and build a community of lifelong learners.

A gallery walk for the students from grades I-IV was planned on April 28 fulfilling the intent of ‘Learning beyond classrooms’. The little Einsteins inspected the hallway boards carefully. The gallery walk was followed up with a discussion facilitated by their respective class teachers.

While the interactive boards on ‘Deserts in the world’, ‘Animals and other marine organisms’ and ‘Water Cycle’ gave students a ‘Food for Thought’, boards on ‘Verbs’ reinforced their learnings in the classroom. The board ‘Reach out to the world’ sparked discussions about kindness and empathy.  The most crucial board in these testing times, was certainly the one highlighting symptoms and precautions on Covid-19.

Every nook and corner of the school has been designed to cultivate learning and foster inspiration and amusement. Afterall, we believe in learning outside our textbooks!

Learn while you Walk