School is now Online!

The Covid-19 Pandemic brought in its wake a sudden switch from onsite to online teaching, further marked with restricted campus access for children all over the world. The world of virtual learning thereby is the new way of learning or the ‘new normal’.

The students of Delhi Private School, RAK bid goodbyes to each other and their teachers when the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced the schools to move online from January 11, 2022. However, the transition for both, students and teachers was seamless and smooth owing to the expertise of the IT Team at school.

The students could interact with their peers again, narrate their hilarious stories to their teachers as they attended classes from the comforts of their homes. The academic as well as the co-curricular activities continued unabated as our students take ownership of their learning, smiling their way through the pandemic. The Zero Block/Circle Time provides the students and the teachers to come together to discuss their feelings, brainstorm ideas or simply put forth the challenges faced by the students at school.

The teachers ensure that the class is a blend of asynchronous as well synchronous learning methodologies to give students the much -needed respite from their screens. Technology once seen as a substitute now serves the purpose of ‘redefining’ the education, thereby bringing in much awaited evolution in the field of education. The teachers are using tech tools like-Nearpod, Quizzes, Padlet, Jam Board, to name a few to spike student learning and engagement in their classrooms.

Though from afar, the students and teachers of DPS, RAK are powering through, marching ahead, having fun and creating memories as the uncertain times roll by. And as they say, the show must go on!

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