Staff V/s Parents Volleyball Match

Delhi Private School, RAK organized a friendly game of Volleyball that was played between the Staff and Parents on November 20th. The intent of the game was to come together to enjoy an afternoon of fun as the core stakeholders mingled and forged stronger bonds with each other.

To infuse excitement and enthusiasm amongst the players, the parents were called ‘Team Leopards’ while the staff went by the name of ‘Panthers’.

As the showdown commenced and the two teams squared off on either side of the net, the magnitude of what was at stake started to take its toll. The match was played over five rounds, with both sides pumped up equally, Team Leopards took the lead in the first round with a whooping 17 points!

However, team Panthers finally caught up their opponent, winning two rounds consecutively. Both teams saw huge support and cheering from the audience that comprised of Teachers, Administrative Staff, and our students.

Beating fatigue, owning to their athletic ability and remarkable coordination amongst team members, Team Panthers (DPS Staff) emerged victorious over Team Leopards (DPS Parents) by winning three rounds out of five.

The day concluded with the Principal, Ms. Geeta Karunakaran, who was also a part of Team Panthers, expressing her gratitude towards staff and parents alike for displaying zeal and coming forward to make the first friendly game of the school a success!

For Direct Registration. Click Here.
For Direct Registration. Click Here.