Story Telling, a key to unlock imagination and creativity

Story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. Stories are vehicles to ferry people to the land of the unimaginable, while packing a significant moral or a message. The students of DPS, RAK, got transported to the deep, dark forest of India!

The school organized an interactive story narration for the students from grades KG-VII on May 4. The story titled, ‘The Tiger who lost its stripes’ was performed by the teachers who dressed up as the animals in the jungle.

The ‘Lost’ posters adorned the walls in the hallway, creating a buzz amongst the students about the tiger looking for its stripes. The event was streamed online for the students as well as the parents.

The intent of the story narration was to elevate curiosity and creativity in the minds of our young story tellers. The students could be seen wondering and asking multiple questions post the narration. The interactive nature of the event invited the students to share their ideas on renaming the story title and even suggesting an alternative ending for it.

It was an educative experience for the students amidst the growl of the tiger, the chatter of the monkeys and the hiss of the python as they recognized the sounds the animals make and closely observed their mannerism and temperament.

The Principal, Mrs. Karunakaran highlighted the significance of story telling as a medium of expression and imagination. She quoted the legendary playwright; William Shakespeare’s expression, “All world is a stage and we mere players.” to bring home the analogy of life with stage. She also encouraged the students to be thinkers and active participants while reading stories and books.

As they say it is not magic that takes us to another world, it is the stories. We now await the students to charm us when they take the stage to unlock their imagination and creativity!

Story Narration