Teachers’ Day Special Assembly

“Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love.”

The dedication, the time and the strenuous efforts taken by a teacher to make a remarkable difference in the lives of her students is indispensable. To commend and honor the efforts of teachers, Delhi Private School, RAK celebrated the Teachers’ Day on September 5, 2021.

The school welcomed Ms. Amnah Abdulla bin Qudeeb Al Zaabi, Director of RAK Educational Department and Ms. Nader Al Mandoos, the Head of educational Control Department as special guests to grace the celebrations. The guests were received by the Principal, Mrs. Geeta Karunkaran along with our students.

Beginning with the soulful recitation of Quran, the assembly was dedicated to celebrating the educators of our school. The school choir welcomed the guests and the teachers alike with a welcome song that they set the tone of the event.

A talented group of dancers showcased their joy of returning to school after a rather long break! The joy on the face was the students who were elated beyond measure to meet their friends and teachers was incomparable.

The principal addressed the students about the significance of celebrating teachers’ day in India and encouraged the students to be respectful to all their teachers. The noble guests presented the teachers with a token of gratitude to show appreciation and acknowledge the role of teachers in their lives.

The honorable guests visited the classrooms and interacted with the students and the teachers.