Welcome Students! We’re so glad you are here!

Delhi Private School, RAK opens its doors for its students after the long summer holidays on August 29, 2021. The corridors and the classrooms buzzed with pulsating energy as our students exchanged greetings with their peers and teachers alike. The school came alive with students from the kindergarten to grade gearing up to commence the session with strong hopes of excelling academically and in their extra- curricular activities.

The Principal, Ms. Geeta Karunakaran addressed the students and welcomed them back wholeheartedly. She expressed her joy over meeting the senior grades of the school (grades V-VII) and was delighted to have them as a part of the school’s amazing learning community. Ms. Karunakaran motivated the students to set personal goals for themselves to shine in competitions and assessments. She also urged the students to make sports an indispensable part of their lives as it aids in instilling discipline and grit in the students.

The school adhered to the Covid-19 protocols and ensured that the students always maintained social distancing. The Covid-19 Task Force ensured that elaborate posters and floor signage, along with other precautionary checks were in place to keep children and staff safe on campus.