International Book Giving day

The celebration on February 14th, 2022 started off with a pledge, “On this International Book Giving Day lets take a pledge- The day when we feel that we are educated, we will start giving education to the underprivileged children so that being able to read and write is no more a privilege”.

The day was started by Amy Broadmoore and her son in 2012 who noticed the need for books for children in the underfunded areas. DPS, RAK thrived to achieve the goal of the mother-son duo on 14th February 2022 through varied activities from the play area to the library. On the Valentine’s Day which falls on the same day, the students of DPS shared their love for books and infected the same to the ones who were less privileged to get an access to the joy of reading. The students donated books to the school library to be shared with the less privileged ones. The students who had an aura of narration read aloud and bonded emotionally with their friends through the stories which amalgamated them together.

The students gathered around the plush green of the play area to read and decipher to bring in new analysis to the obscure ideas hidden in the stories. In this age of technology, the students did not leave their digital know- how rather they indulged in the digital representation of the thoughts gathered through their reading.

The students explored the rich resources of the DPS library to carry out into the world beads of ‘entertainment through reading’ to be wound around with strings of companionship of their fellow beings.