Tree Plantation at Delhi Private School, RAK on 19th Dec 2020

The school invited their founder parents and children for tree planting in the school. Parents were given a placard with their name written on it and they could choose a spot and plant their sapling. The activity was planned to raise awareness in children on the importance of trees and shrubs. By having students learn every aspect of tree planting, care for plants and trees becomes second nature to them.

Planting trees and gardens at schools help beautify the community. One of the most rewarding parts of the project was that even though it was about education, there was no ‘teaching’ involved and the children clearly understood the core of their being.

The prizes were also handed over to the winners of ‘Spin a Yard’ an on-line competition. This is purely a school initiative and conducted every month for different age groups.

The day concluded with great joy, appreciation and satisfaction being reflected in the whole experience by parents and children alike. This will remain yet another chapter in the history of the school.